Dieter the Vizsla

Health & Wellness

OFA and other health & Wellness Information


Dieter has completed the following OFA tests with solid results: Thyroid, Advance Cardiac, Eyes, Elbows, and Hips. 

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Vet Care

Dieter goes for regular checkups and teeth cleanings.

As we have moved around we have been to different vet clinics but we always maintain our relationship with our original vet and friends at Desoto Park Vet Clinic for continuity of care with doctors who have known Dieter his whole life.


In addition to regular trips to the park and hikes, Dieter regularly accompanies his humans on runs of 2-7 miles depending on weather and heat index, and spends weekends roaming 48 acres in the mountains.


Health & temperament

After health, one of the most important things to us when searching for the right Vizsla (which ended up being Dieter) was finding a bloodline with a good reputation for temperament. 

This combo ultimately lead us to Jim and Linda Busch. Dieter is out of their final breeding between CH Chicquitaa JH and 6xBISS Silver GCHS Just Spike JH.

Chicquitaa retired after Dieter’s litter. Everyone loves their own monkey, but we like to think of that litter as a her magnum opus.