Dieter the Vizsla

About Dieter

Born in 2017 on the Busch farm in Illinois, Dieter grew up with his humans in New Orleans, La. 

Dieter attended puppy Kindergarten and formal training with Ann Becnel where they learned about good manners, good habits, and how to keep them. 

Dieter continued on to pursue, and remains active as, an Alliance of Therapy Dogs team with his human in Virginia, holding his AKC Therapy Dog title in recognition of his over 50 volunteer visits and counting.

Dieter finished his Junior Hunter title quickly displaying a wonderful bird drive and athleticism in the field. Due to the training constraints of living in the city we have not yet returned him to the field for additional hunt tests but hope to now that he is finished showing.

Dieter finished his Conformation Championship with 5 major wins under 5 different judges, and a Gun Dog Group 3 placement at the 50th Anniversary Maryland Sporting Dog Association Show weekend.

Dieter Champion Podium Photo
All in the nose

The Field

Dieter’s first introduction to birds after leaving the Busch’s farm was at about 12 weeks old. He finished his JH as a pup, handled by his mom.

Special thanks to the South Louisiana Vizsla Club who were our first Vizsla family, welcomed us with open arms, and taught us many things; and to the Conestoga Vizsla Club who has done the same after we relocated.

Smiles and Joy

Therapy Work

Dieter finished his Therapy Dog certification just over 2 years old and has been active in the community ever since. 

While high-energy and adventurous outside, he is both gentle and calm when at work volunteering. 

Dieter primarily visits retirement communities and nursing homes, but will visits schools and other venues as well. Starting in 2024 we are excited to visit the officers at our local police department twice a month.

out and about

Adventure Time

Like most Vizslas, Dieter suffers from FOMO (fear of missing out) and wants to go everywhere his humans do. Thanks to his good behavior and temperament, we can usually let him!

Dieter pursues all manner of adventures from costuming and baseball games to boating. Follow his adventures or see what he’s been up to lately on Instagram.

Sweet Deet


While a bird maniac in the field, Dieter remains kind to animals large and small. He has had the opportunity to meet horses, cats, kittens, and kids. 

Dieter has wonderful instincts when dealing with animals and people smaller or more fragile than himself, and is extremely patient. 

Our senior-aged cat once started to sniff Dieter’s food, as we were closely monitoring, and Dieter stopped eating, let the cat eat some and leave on his own, before resuming the meal.